The Greater Haiti



Low Quality Education: The Haitian Educational System yields the lowest total rate in the education realm of the Western Hemisphere. Haiti's literacy rate of about 61% (64.3% for males and 57.3% for females) is below the 90% average literacy rate for Latin American and Caribbean countries. 

"....literacy rate of 61% compared to the 90% average...." 

The country faces shortages in educational supplies and qualified teachers. The 2010 Haiti earthquake exacerbated the already constrained parameters on Haiti's educational system by destroying infrastructure and displacing 50-90% of the students, depending on locale.

"....shortages in educational supplies and qualified teachers...."


The Greater Haiti project is an education-based project that will serve as a centralized resource hub on the country-side of Haiti, where children of all ages can gather to have their academic, social, and spiritual needs met. 


We believe in a Haiti full of "leaders whose actions are congruent with their espoused values, leading with integrity, focusing on the good of the whole, and making a positive impact on others."


We know our history  we understand our current challenges  now we need to do something about the future....... Why not begin with the precious minds of our children (aka "the future").


Because every contribution, every partnership, and every child matters.

Gr3aterHAITI Project

Est. 2017


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